Business Mergers & Aquisitions

We are experts when it comes to Tax Due Diligence, Tax Structuring, and Post-Merger Integrations during the course of an (envisaged) acquisition of a German target.


  • We offer tailored solutions to ensure tax efficiency and compliance throughout the deal process for deals within a transaction volume of EUR 1m – EUR 30m.
  • From due diligence to post-merger integration, our dedicated team provides strategic guidance to optimize tax outcomes and minimize risks. Whether you're contemplating a merger, acquisition or sale, let us guide you along the way.

Tax Due Diligence

  • Our tax due diligence services (sell-side or buy-side due diligence) are comprehensive and cover all tax areas.
  • Typically, we look at the last 3-5 years of a target's tax compliance and perform in-depth reconciliations and reviews to identify the upside or downside, helping you to assess an appropriate purchase price, particularly in light of any post-signing tax risks.
  • Our deliverable is a clearly structured tax due diligence report that quantifies the risks and provides specific advice on how to deal with any identified issues.

Tax Structuring

  • Tax structuring is a complex exercise, which always reflects the specifics of an envisaged transaction. Our structures cover the entire cycle from acquisition to the holding period and eventually the exit scenario.
  • We are highlighting tax-efficient ways to repatriate ongoing proceeds and how to efficiently offset losses or interest on financing debts (e.g. via debt push-downs or mergers).
Post-Merger Integration
  • Post-merger integrations come with a lot of accounting questions accompanied by a proper tax structuring and the aim to streamline accounting policies.
  • We support on the entailing processes and provide deep guidance to your accounting departments.
"When no adequate tax due diligence is carried out, a potential buyer will face unknown tax risks. These risks can quickly exceed amounts of more than EUR 50k and way beyond, since the tax administration could revise several years of tax filing periods. Thus, the main goal of a tax due diligence is to identify the risks at hand and include such within the purchase price considerations."

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